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NBA admits to missing three fouls on LeBron in final 1:12 of game against Warriors


The NBA released its report detailing the final two minutes of the Christmas Day game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. 

NBA officials admit in the report that the game referees missed three foul calls committed by the Golden State Warriors on LeBron James in the final 1:12 of the game.

According to the report, the refs should have called a foul on the Warriors at the:

  • 01:12 mark - Durant (GSW) makes body to body contact with James (CLE) that affects his SQBR.
  • 00:27 mark - Durant (GSW) makes forearm contact to James (CLE) that affects his SQBR at the start of his drive to the basket.
  • 00:25.6 mark - Durant (GSW) makes contact to James' (CLE) arm and body that affects his driving shot attempt.

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The Cavs eventually lost the game 99-92, but additional free throw attempts by LeBron could have changed the outcome of that game.

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