Browns, Steelers rivalry died 25 years ago, is a revival on the horizon?

Browns, Steelers rivalry died 25 years ago, is a revival on the horizon?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Browns Make History?

Technically, they would be matching history if they run the table and finish 0-16. Only the 2008 Detroit Lions have accomplished that incredible feat. You could make the argument that it's actually more difficult to go winless in a 16-game season than undefeated. Even the very bad teams win a couple of games. But not the Browns. Not last year, and not this year. The only question that remains is: do they at least manage one win, or are they forever remembered for historic futility? Our Tailgate crew will give us their honest predictions.

What Rivalry??

The Browns have lost 25 of the past 28 "showdowns" with their former rival. You have to go back 25 years to find a stretch when this series was competitive. In fact, from '83-'93 the Browns took 14 out of 20 from the Steelers. But Bill Cowher brought success back to Pittsburgh, and by '94 the Steelers owned the Browns. Will it ever turn back around? Of course. Nothing is constant but change, but it'll take some big moves and smart decisions to kick off that change. Josh, Bob and Beanie will weigh in on which moves have to happen immediately.


Speaking of change, it must start with the head coach. It's the worst-case scenario for Jimmy Haslam, who's been adamant that Hue Jackson will return in 2018, but maybe he was just trying to avoid blowing up the "Meet John Dorsey" press conference. Maybe he thinks it'll be a tough sell to future candidates after firing four head coaches in six years (it won't be a tough sell -- not with Dorsey on board -- and not with the assets moving forward). Or maybe he meant Hue will be returning to the facility in 2018. You know, to pack up his stuff. But you can't move forward with a coach who's just gone 1-31 over two seasons, who hasn't made one quarterback better in those two years, and who insists on passing when they can't pass, yet won't run when they can actually run. That's my take. The Tailgate crew will tackle that question as well.

There's No Place Like Home

Especially for the Steelers. The last two times they went to the Super Bowl, they had home field advantage in the playoffs. A year ago they didn't, and lost to the Patriots in Foxboro. Thanks to a controversial call on a ridiculous rule a couple of weeks ago, they once again trail the Patriots in the race for home field advantage, but they can still secure it with a win over the Browns and a Patriots loss. Can the Browns somehow find a way to salvage one win and spoil the Steelers party at the same time? We'll break down three key ways to make it happen.

Final Audition

There's nothing DeShone Kizer can do at this point to prevent the Browns from bringing in new quarterbacks next season, whether that means a veteran, a high draft pick or both. But, he can make one final impression on Dorsey with a strong performance in Pittsburgh. When you think about it, his game against the Steelers back in Week 1 may have been his best all season, which says something about his lack of development under Jackson, but maybe provides a bit of hope heading into Sunday. Does DeShone have it in him? Josh Cribbs has been behind the rookie all season. We're getting his take on that question.

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