Calls to heating repair companies spiking in bitter cold weather

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - When it's this cold outside, the last thing you want is for your heating system to stop working. That's happening more often in these frigid temperatures, though, as some furnaces struggle to keep up with increased demand. That has calls to HVAC specialists spiking.

"We're swamped," said supervisor Jeff Joles with H-Jack's Pluimbing and Heating of Cleveland. "We're working until everything is done. We're getting people heat. We're prioritizing, you know, elderly, sick, infants, and then our own service agreement customers, so we got a lot to take care of."

He says they're seeing many of the same issues at multiple homes.

"(A) lot of frozen water lines has been the big thing right now. boiler systems like this,' said Joles.

His team had been working for several hours to repair a boiler that provides heat to dozens of apartments. "People are out of town, they turn the temperature down, boiler doesn't run for quite awhile. You have pipes that are on exterior walls that are un-insulated. That leads to things freezing and splitting, and that leads to a whole lot of other damage."

Joles sas a lot of the problems can be stopped before they start, simply by proper maintenance during the off-season, when furnaces aren't in such high demand.

"A lot of it can be avoided," said Joles. "Some of it can't, but a lot of it can. We can point things out and you can get to it in the summer a lot easier than the winter."

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