How does Cleveland's 2017 murder rate compare to the rest of Ohio and US?

How does Cleveland's 2017 murder rate compare to the rest of Ohio and US?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There are just a couple of days left in 2017, but at the time of publishing Cleveland has had 128 homicide deaths in 2017.

There are three major cities in comparison that set records for the number of people killed this year: Baltimore with 343 homicides; Indianapolis with 175; and Columbus with 140.

The best way to compare Cleveland to other cities in the state, and the country, is to calculate a homicide rate.

This number represents how many people per 100,000 in that city were homicide victims.

2017 Homicides and homicide rates:

Homicides                     Homicide rate

Cleveland-              128                          33.18/per 100,000 people

Baltimore-               343                         55.2/per 100,000 people

Detroit-                    267                         39.5/per 100,000 people

D.C.-                          113                          16.59/per 100,000 people

Indianapolis-          175                          20.24/per 100,000 people

New York City-       284                          3.33/per 100,000 people

Chicago-                 644                          23.66/per 100,000 people

State of Ohio Comparisons:

Homicides                    Homicide rate

Cleveland:             128                           33.18/per 100,000 people

Akron:                     42                            21.25/per 100,000 people

Canton:                   17                            23.84/per 100,000 people

Columbus:            140                            16.26/per 100,000 people

Cincinnati:              70                             23.43/per 100,000 people

Toledo:                    39                             14.0/per 100,000 people


Looking at the numbers a couple of observations jump out.

Like the fact that New York City had just 284 homicides this year. In a city of 8.5 million people it plummets the murder rate in that city.

As reported by Reuters, the credit is being given to the NYPD for taking a city that use to have 2,000 murders in a year in the 1990s and turning it into one of the safest cities in the country.

Cleveland's numbers can be a bit misleading especially when compared to a city like Columbus.

Cleveland's numbers represent just those who live in Cleveland proper, and not the suburbs. If you added in all of Cleveland's surrounding suburbs to the population the murder rate would be much lower.

That's the reason Columbus' murder rate seems low at 16.26 compared to Cleveland's at 33.18 even though Columbus had more homicides than Cleveland this year.

In Columbus there are no suburbs.

Their murder rate is based on a population of 860,000 compared to Cleveland's 386,000.

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