Mark Schwab: Will the Cleveland Browns fire Hue? I think so

Mark Schwab: Will the Cleveland Browns fire Hue? I think so

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I know Jimmy Haslam said Hue Jackson was staying with the Cleveland Browns for 2018, but I don't buy it.

I'd sooner believe him if he offered me a refund at one of his truck stations.

I just cannot see John Dorsey wanting to keep him and I cannot see him losing an argument with Haslam to fire him.

He is 1-30.

He is THIS close to being 1-31.

If we're hoping like crazy the Pittsburgh Steelers sit their starters on Sunday so the Browns have a chance at 1-15, it kinda shows how low the bar is here, right?

Jackson has been the captain of the ship that has the bar that low.

Even if they win Sunday against Pittsburgh's bench bunch, how in the world do you keep a guy that's gone 2-30?

A guy that has twice flirted with 0-16?

How do you even begin to construct the argument that you're to be taken seriously when you bring that guy back?

You can't.

Fire him.

Hue Jackson is a nice man and has worked very hard, but we all know he does not deserve to keep his job as the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns.

I think Dorsey and Haslam know this, and I think they will act accordingly.

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