Fake 911 calls frustrating Akron woman as police have no choice but to respond

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Megan Finn is frustrated, she has been visited by the Akron Police Department repeatedly after someone keeps calling 911 to report there is drug use at her home.

After searches police have found nothing, it is a bullying technique known as swatting.

The same technique that resulted in a Kansas man being inadvertently shot and killed by responding police.

Calls to 911 report either a meth lab or a woman wanted for a felony at Finn's home.

Finn is not happy with the situation.

"They pull me out of my house, they make me show identification um once they see I'm not her they go away but then in two more days they're here again," Finn said.

Clearly the calls are a nuisance, some police visits are late at night.

But what are police to do?  Akron Police Lt. Rick Edwards responded to that question.

"In this case maybe it is a nuisance to the resident but in other cases what if the person was there," Edwards said.

One call was about a wanted woman being at her home.

We asked if that person had ever lived at the home of if Megan knew her.

Both answers were no.

In an odd twist to the story.

Minutes after a Cleveland 19 crew left Megan's home, police arrived, saying they'd had a new call.

She greeted them saying "My house is right here, you can walk through gladly."

Police were polite and professional.

An officer explained "When somebody calls us we have to respond."

It is a story that is shaping up as someone using the police to extract some sort of vengeance against another person.

Police are so far handcuffed according to Lt. Edwards.

"On these calls themselves the person refused to give their name or call back information so there's nothing to follow up on," Edwards said.

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