Driver who crashed into home, killing mother and injuring infant, granted jail release 4 years early

James Majkut's wife, Debra, died in 2015 when Adrianna Young crashed a car through the family's home. (Source: WOIO)
James Majkut's wife, Debra, died in 2015 when Adrianna Young crashed a car through the family's home. (Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)
James and Jaxon Majkut (Source: WOIO)
James and Jaxon Majkut (Source: WOIO)

Amherst Township, OH (WOIO) - The woman who drove her car into an Amherst Township home, killing a young mother and injuring her infant son, was granted early release from prison after serving only six months of her 54-month term.

Adrianna Young was granted early release by Judge James Miraldi during a hearing Thursday morning. She previously pleaded guilty in May to vehicular manslaughter for the incident, as well as possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence.

Judge Miraldi previously said the inmate would be up for release consideration if she behaved while in jail.

In defending his decision Judge Miraldi stated that if Young spent more time in jail, she could be influenced by other criminal behaviors, which is why he leaned towards judicial release.

Young is responsible for the fatal accident that killed 34-year-old Debra Majkut and injured her 5-month-old son, Jaxon, in July 2015.

Jaxon, who was pinned under Young's car, suffered serious burns and has had multiple surgeries and skin graft procedures since the incident.

Debra's husband, James Majkut, did all he could to prevent her from being let out early.

"She got off easy enough with four years," said James. "A lot of people are disturbed by the fact that she can get away with a light sentence as it is, and then have the gall to get out after just six months."

James said it's been a difficult road to recovery since Debra's death. His family had to leave their damaged home, and deal with the emotional trauma of losing Debra and caring Jaxon.

"She's only been in there six months. Me and my kids were homeless for six to seven months," said Majkut.

The community has sent letters of support in to both James and the judge asking for justice for the Majkut family.

Following the release, Young will be placed on intense probation for five years, which includes 200 hours of community service and random drug screening. Her driver's license has been revoked for life.

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