Frozen hydrant protecting housing complex gushed water for weeks

Fire hydrant (Source: WOIO)
Fire hydrant (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It is the topic on the tip of everyone's tongue.

The weather, and an arctic blast that just won't quit.  But as cold as it feels to the skin, the cold is having another, dangerous impact. Freezing pipes, and in some cases pipes that lead to fire hydrants. Examples can be seen from all over town. Old pipes are no match for cold weather.

Newer ones appear no match either as a video, sent to our investigative unit proves. It is of a relatively new hydrant gushing water.

It is the only hydrant inside the New Community complex off Woodland. Residents say the valve has been gushing water since before Christmas and that has April Hill worried.

"Well actually sir, this will be the fourth week. It was just gushing water. It was gushing out water upside the meters and I mean everything from the top to the bottom was frozen," April Hill said.

April adds crews first put a garbage bag over the leaking hydrant to keep spray off the building but it didn't work.

Next a large garbage can was put over it, it didn't help the problem.

Finally Thursday the water leak was stopped and the hydrant covered with a tarp.

Still there is ample evidence of the thick layer of ice that had formed.

Later a crew arrived an put heavier blankets on the excavation.

April had seen children playing on the ice before the single degree temperatures and worried about them getting frostbite.

Fire hydrants ring the streets around the complex, the one that is under repair is the only one inside it.

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