We’ve received questions about our news team being robbed -- here are our answers (Editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two members of our news staff were in a live van when robbers opened the door and brandished a gun, taking a number of iPhones.

Online, some asked why we didn't name the victims. One of our goals was to treat this like any other story we'd cover.

We didn't name the victims simply because we generally – outside of murder cases – don't name individual crime victims.

It was a tough decision whether to mention this at all on-air because the sad truth is this type of robbery happens nearly every day across Northeast Ohio and America, and they almost never make the news.

While our hearts go out to our co-workers, we know this robbery isn't any more important – or terrible – than the ones that too many people go through each and every day.

We decided that we had to make some note of it in the interest of transparency.

In the end, the iPhones can be replaced. All we really care about is that our co-workers are OK.

There's too much gun violence in our country and – sadly -  any newscast in any town could have told you that long before our crew became another in the long list of victims.

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