'Mr. Freeze' is right at home in Cleveland's arctic cold

(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - To find Cleveland's abominable snowman you have to go to the subzero freezer at Cantanese Fish in the Flats.

That is where Bruce Longwith works in -3 degree temperatures year-round.

"It's tough to get guys to work in the freezer. They try it, after a couple weeks they don't want to do it anymore," said Longwith.

Given his working conditions, he's right at home in Cleveland's arctic spell, going so far as to call it "bikini weather."

Longwith is from the Isle of Man in Great Britain, which proved to be good preparation for his job.

"It's always cold there. It's never really warm weather. It's always cold, gray, rain," he said.

What he doesn't like about the job is summer. Going from the freezer to the heat is uncomfortable to him.

Longwith doesn't take a lot of extra precautions dealing with the cold he works in, saying "Just a jacket, that's it. Gloves, that's enough."

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