Mark Schwab: Browns fans don't look bad after the 0-16 parade

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I didn't like the idea of Cleveland Browns fans doing this under the guise of a parade.

I thought it would've looked better nationally if it were billed as protest or a march, it certainly would've caused less division among Browns fans.

That said, the day seemed to go fine.

Thousands gather for 0-16 Cleveland Browns parade

The signs fans carried did just enough to show they were sick and tired of being sick and tired with a football team that now can't even live up the 4-5 win seasons of previous bad years.

I'll call the day a win. I don't think the fans looked bad here, I think ownership, management and coaching did.

They're the only group in NFL history that's forced a fanbase to throw a parade just to have something to feel good about.

Cleveland Browns defensive end says 0-16 parade is a joke

They did not get one good Sunday out of their football team, so they threw a party on a Saturday instead.

The fans said what they had to say, your move, Browns.

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