Fire departments remind people to stay off the ice

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Fire departments all over Northeast Ohio are issuing warnings, stay off the ice!

"You don't know the ice thickness, you shouldn't be out playing on it," said Bill Lloyd, Battalion Chief, Eastlake Fire Department.

Eastlake Fire Department has received several calls about kids playing on the ice.

The department said kids are ice skating, hockey or even just running.

The chief said in some places on the water, the ice isn't thick enough.

It needs to be at least 4 inches to support a person.

If the ice breaks, it takes about 15 minutes for a person to succumb to the cold.

"You're out there playing and there could've been a slow thaw and the ice is starting to melt from underneath and it goes through and hopefully someone's with you to call the fire department," he said.

Eastlake has what some consider the one of the best Ice Rescue Diving Teams in the state with top-notch equipment and training.

But the chief says, when in doubt about the ice, just don't do it.

"Parents especially need to keep an eye on their kids. If you live somewhere by a waterway, explain the dangers to your kids so they don't find it out on their own," said Batallion Chief Llyod.

The chief said if you spot someone out on the ice, call 911.

Those first responders are trained and ready to assist if there's an emergency.

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