Cleveland man says city should share blame for SUV striking his home and catching fire

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Alvin McClanahan was rudely awakened Monday as a driver in a stolen Cadillac Escalade crashed into his front porch.

"I heard a big boom, looked out my window and this truck (was) all up in my front yard on my front porch in flames," said McClanahan.

He looked out and saw the driver run away. The thief had driven through a stop sign at a T intersection and into McClanahan's home.

By daylight the damage was clear.

Charred pillars are load bearing and will be expensive to replace.  He was getting an estimate Monday and was told he was actually lucky because his foundation was concrete and brick.

The foundation stopped the car from going into his home.

There have been other close calls as this is the third time a car has gone through the stop sign and into his yard.

He said a change is responsible for the damage.

"Used to be a stop light here, they took that down. I watch people all the time just runnin' through the stop sign. Frustrating.  It's a safety issue," said McClanahan.

He said he's asked the city to put a guard rail in to protect his home, saying there used to be one before the city removed it during road repairs.

McClanahan worries because at times his grandchildren play in the yard.  He says his complaints have so far fallen on deaf ears.

Referencing Monday morning's crash, he said "It's just terrible, man. My house, my house it's on fire the whole house is full of smoke."

Cleveland 19 contacted the city of Cleveland to see why the guardrail was not replaced and the stop light taken down.

The city said it would reply in the coming days.

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