Cleveland bakers staying nice and toasty this winter

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Orlando Bakery is one of the few businesses in Northeast Ohio that is staying toasty and warm this winter.

Piping hot, 450-degree ovens are fed 700,000 pounds of flour a week.  Dough flows through nine production lines six days a week.

And without the six ovens you can't turn the dough into bread, and that takes heat. Lots of it, particularly on the production line where finished loaves and rolls come out still warm.

"This time of year it's the most popular department to work in, the production department," said Nick Orlando. "Because it's probably a pleasant 70 degrees here right now."  Closer to the ovens it's in the mid 80s.

Jesse Gilner has been working here since 1973 and he gets lots of visits from workers in other areas on days like this.

"You see people come around and warm their hands up like this to get their hands warm," said Gilner.

The products on the line change to buns that are shipped to Five Guys in several states, and French loaves headed to stores and restaurants.

One thing that doesn't change is the heat.

"If you hit the door you feel the heat. It hits you like a wall. So I been here a long time, so I'm used to it. It's a good wall to hit on a day like today. Yeah, today is real nice. It's comfortable,"said Gilner.

Orlando says that because the temperature to make bread is constant the utility costs don't change from summer to winter.

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