Ornery turkeys take over Rocky River neighborhoods

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - Nearly 30 homes in Rocky River are filled with unhappy residents, after turkeys made mail delivery nearly impossible.

These aren't your average Thanksgiving Day turkeys.

They've been considered by some as wild and dangerous, so dangerous that local mail carriers haven't been able to make any deliveries.

"They trap you in your car. They trap people on their porch trying to get out. They're not intimidated by humans," said one resident.

Some Rocky River residents say these massive turkeys are causing a whole lot of problems.

"They walk in the streets. They stop cars and they won't let the cars move," said Rocky River Resident, Michael Craig.

The final straw came about when the birds started showing aggression toward the mail man.

"The mail carrier has tried pepper spray. Apparently that doesn't impact them at all. It is a safety issue," another resident said.

Since then, residents on several streets have had to pick up their mail in person. The city does however believe that they've found a solution to the problem.

"A letter from the city came a few days ago that said please don't feed the turkeys," said the resident.

But not everyone believes that's the answer.

"It doesn't matter if you feed them or not. They're gonna be here. This is their territory. They're territorial," said Michael Craig.

Rocky River officials say they are working hand in hand with the U.S. Postal Service to make sure that all of these residents can soon receive their mail normally again.

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