Woman ordered to pay Shaker Heights court $700 after speeding ticket mix-up

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Tikia Tate thought she paid a speeding ticket to Shaker Heights Court using her cell phone.

It never went through and ended up costing her nearly $700.

The non-payment triggered legal notices to either pay or come to court and explain.

She said she was out of town -- causing her to miss the court dates -- which added fee after fee until the $350 ticket nearly doubled.

A warrant was put out for her arrest, and a block was placed on her driver's license and plates.

When she got home she called the Shaker Heights clerk's office.

"I said so what do I have to do because I have to drive to work. I can't have warrants for my arrest. And they was like: 'We never received it.' I said well it gave me the approval that you got it," said Tate.

Clerk Steven Tomaszewski explained, "I have no record of it at the clerk's office at all."

He said even if a payment is rejected he gets a notice.

Tate paid using a debit card, which should have worked.  But she says she was told otherwise when she went to the clerk's office and asked.

"The guy at the counter told me, like, you can't use your cell phone to pay this online. You have to use a desktop computer."

Tomaszewski says a debit card must be tied to a major credit card company to work.

Tate's is.

Tomaszewski broke down the large amount owed, "You're at $350, plus $100 for the warrant. $25 for the block. $142.50 for the collection agency."

The new warrant was removed but the costs remained.

Tate even had to pay an additional $20 to the BMV to remove the license block.

One thing is clear: the payment never went through. Tate says it was never deducted from her debit card, but she didn't learn of that till the bill came a month later and the costs were already mounting.

A word of advice: if you're paying bills on a cell phone take a screenshot when you get confirmation.

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