Mentor announces school closings in move to save $7 million

Parents attend a public meeting explaining changes at Mentor Public Schools. (Source: WOIO)
Parents attend a public meeting explaining changes at Mentor Public Schools. (Source: WOIO)

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - Mentor school officials are pushing forward with a major facilities overhaul that will go into effect next school year and includes closing two schools.

Mentor Schools will go from three middle schools to two, as Ridge is now slated to close.

All of Mentor's middle school students will be assigned to either Shore or Memorial.

The new boundaries will zone the Bellflower Elementary area into Shore and the Brentmoor Elementary area into Memorial.

The closure of Ridge will evenly split 1,600-plus students between Memorial and Shore.

Ridge will then be converted to an elementary school.

This will take shape as Brentmoor and Garfield elementary schools are closed and parts of Hopkins and Fairfax are rezoned.

Cleveland19 spoke with several parents who had concerns about the changes going in to Thursday night's public meeting.

But they say their questions were answered and they're happy with how the school district is implementing the plan.

"Transitions for my family have always been difficult having a special needs child, there's a lot of preparation and there have been a few transitions in between the few years we've been with the school district so I like to educate myself. If it's being out in the public with professionals and hearing other's input is definitely reassuring for myself," Elizabeth Crossno said.

Crosno says she's a lot less worried after hearing about the details.

Jason Stockmaster was happy to hear that in certain cases, students may stay at their school even if the boundary has changed.

"You can't run 12 elementary schools anymore, the numbers just aren't there. I think they're doing a great job and it seems like they're working with families which is what it's all about," said Stockmaster.

Here's a snapshot of the changes:

  • Students currently in the Brentmoor zone will attend the new elementary school at Ridge.
  • The Garfield zone will be redrawn to factor in Fairfax, Hopkins, and the new elementary school at Ridge.
  • A large portion of the Hopkins boundaries will be rezoned for the new elementary school at Ridge, which will alleviate overcrowding at Hopkins and create lines that are more geographically fitting.
  • A portion of Fairfax will move into the Orchard Hollow zone and Fairfax will get a new, earlier start time.
  • The new elementary school at Ridge will have a start time around 9 a.m. and will be finalized later.
  • The preschool will stay at Ridge.
  • Students from the new elementary school at Ridge will attend Memorial after 5th grade. (As mentioned above, Bellflower students will go to Shore.)
  • Information regarding special education services will come directly to parents and guardians from the Student Services department.

Use these links to see what the new boundaries will look like:

Some layoffs may occur among personnel in the reshuffling, but that has not yet been confirmed; however, school officials project the changes will avert $7 million in expenditures in the near term.

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