Buried: Garbage piles up for weeks as homeowners wait for trash pickup

LOUISVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Heaping piles of trash overfill garbage bins in one Louisville neighborhood.

Not only has it created an eyesore, it's causing headaches for homeowners, like Mina Groetz.

"We haven't had a trash pickup since Dec. 21 and I have called them several times and they've promised to be here by at least last week," said Groetz.

Thursday marks three weeks since Republic Waste Services picked up trash for Groetz and her neighbors, who live in a neighborhood off Easton Street Northeast. Many people are still trying to get rid of wrapping paper and boxes from the holidays.

"It's just piling up around the outside," said Louis Eslich.

A customer service representative from Republic Waste Services told Cleveland 19 News they couldn't pinpoint why the trash hadn't been collected, but blamed the holidays and inclement weather. The representative said he'd reach out to the driver's manager and said pickup should happen Friday.

However, neighbors said they'd heard that from the company before.

"I've called them umpteen times. They had a message they left on my phone saying they were going to be here on the 30th. They didn't come. Called after the 1st, said they'd get it on the next run," said Eslich.

The company left a voicemail on Eslich's phone, which said, "We plan on having these routes cleared up by Dec. 30. Thank you and have a wonderful day."

Dec. 30 came and went and the trash is still sitting by the street. Now, many people plan to kick the trash company to the curb.

"A lot of neighbors are talking about changing to another carrier because this has been ridiculous," said Groetz.

"When they pick this up I'm going to Kimble. I'm done," said Eslich.

Many homeowners said this is the first major problem they've had with Republic Waste Services. They don't understand why the company isn't picking up their garbage, especially because the other garbage company used in the neighborhood hasn't missed a recent trash pickup.

On Wednesday, Republic Waste Services offered the following statement:

"...Our local leaders have been working tirelessly to ensure we resolve our delays.

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