ODOT is getting salty this winter, so where does their budget stand?

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - How is the Ohio Department of Transportation winter budget holding up through a brutal start to the season?

Your first thought would most likely be that ODOT is certainly taking a beating as the snow came flying and temperatures hovered around single digits for weeks.

From the standpoint of using resources, in Cuyahoga County the use of salt and de-icer has increased and plow drivers have spent more time on the roads this season, so far, compared to last.

But the bottom line shows that in Cuyahoga County ODOT has so far spent just about $113,000 less on snow removal this winter season compared to last.

The savings have come, ODOT says, from a dramatic reduction in road salt prices, a reduction that certainly came at the right time considering the nasty start to the winter.

In Geauga County, they have seen the same results. The use of snow removal resources is way up, but ODOT has spent more than $170,000 dollars less so far this season compared to last, due to the falling price of salt.

ODOT has not been so lucky in Lake County where the sheer volume of snow has meant a huge increase in the number of hours drivers have spent taking care of the 445 miles of roads the department is responsible for in the county.

Expenses in Lake County are up more than $300,000 dollars this year compared to last.

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