Cleveland crews trying to fill potholes before next snow hits

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you spend any amount of time on the roads in Northeast Ohio these days, you likely are trying to avoid potholes.

It goes with the time of year and the swings in temperature like we are seeing this week.

"In terms of potholes, I see them all the time, all the time," Sarah Belisle said.

In fact potholes have gotten the better end of Belisle's car.

"I've had a few flat tires," she admitted.

While Belisle didn't know you can report those damages to the city and file a claim, you can.

That's one of the reasons city of Cleveland crews were out Wednesday filling as many of those deep wide potholes as they could.

"I just started doing home health. I never knew how bad the roads were until I did home health," Belisle said.

Sarah explains to prevent another flat tire, she either tries to serve out of the way, or finds another route.

"It has become an issue, and I try to avoid some roads like St. Clair can be bad," Belisle said.

If you want to file a claim with the city, you can call 216-664-2803.

You can find more information about filing a claim at this link.

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