'Orlo Wants to Know' confronts alleged NBA ticket scammers

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Jon Straniak and his wife are big Cleveland Cavs fans, so for their anniversary he bought tickets on OfferUp for the Golden State Warriors game.

A screenshot shows seats were transferred to his Flash Seats account. Later, he bought better seats in-person from another seller.

Again, they were sent to his account. Then, on Tuesday night, the tickets vanished.

"Not only do I not have the two tickets I bought Monday, I don't have any of them. All four of them are gone," said Straniak.

It appears whoever originally bought the tickets claimed to a credit card company that the charges were fraudulent, so Flash Seats pulled them back.

When Straniak called Flash Seats, the company explained he'd been scammed.

"The protection of being the safest place is only gonna go on or only applies if you buy or sell from (Flash Seats)," said Straniak.

Since Straniak contacted the sellers on OfferUp, not Flash Seats, he was out of luck.

In an attempt to find the men, he made up a new account using a fake name.

"Both of them want to try and sell me the tickets again. I don't know what to do with that information. I'm not gonna go and confront these people," said Straniak.

Instead, Cleveland 19 set up a meeting with the alleged scam artists.

The men were confronted, but sped off.

Buyer beware.

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