As ice storm looms over Cleveland, residents weigh in on how to combat it

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's beautiful over Lake Erie, but ice can get ugly when it's time to walk across it.

"We have all been slipping on the ice," said James Gerbeck, a local resident who visited Edgewater Park Wednesday.

Gerbeck isn't excited about another storm that could bring sheets of treacherous ice.

Even though it was warmer on Wednesday, John Carrera is afraid he may have to shovel and salt when he gets home.

"I'm hoping when I get home from work it's gone," he said.

Lakewood Hardware says it's stocked for the winter and ready for the triple threat -- flooding, ice and snow -- that could smother Northeast Ohio this weekend.

Terri Simpson has advice on getting rid of the ice you have, and how to be prepared for what's to come.

"Right before it snows you want to use a preventative rock salt...and then after it snows you want to use a calcium magnesium to melt the snow for longer and it will, and it will work at a lower temperature." said Simpson.

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