7 tips for longer cell phone battery life in case your power goes out during Friday's storm

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Northeast Ohio is about to get freezing rain and ice that could lead to power outages this weekend which could mean you need to stretch and strengthen your cell phone battery for as long as possible.

Here are seven things you should check, or do, with your phone to make sure your phone will last.

1. Power down

Shocker, but yes keeping your phone off for a couple of hours is the best way to conserve battery.

But be careful here, because it take a lot of battery to power your phone back up. So don't use this method unless you can truly keep your phone off for a couple of hours.

2. Close those apps

This can be a big zapper of your battery. Just because you're no longer using an app doesn't mean the app isn't using your battery to update in the background.

As often as a couple times a day you should be completely killing the apps you've been using. For iPhones it's a simple double click the home button and swiping up on each app to close it.

3. GPS app tracking

Perhaps the biggest battery waster is when apps are given permission to use GPS tracking even when you're not using the app.

For some apps it's imperative like ones that notify you when you're near shopping deals. How will they know you're in the area, if its not tracking you. For iPhone users go to Settings-Privacy-Location Services.

If you've never done this, this will probably shock you.

As you scroll down you will see all the apps on your phone and whether or not you've given apps permission to track you. Your choices are never, while using always. There are very few apps that should ever have "always" as an option.

4. What's eating your battery?

It's always a good idea to have a sense of what apps you're using that eat your battery. Most phones have a battery center in your settings. The iPhone even tells you what apps used what percent of your power not only the past 24 hours, but also the last five days.

You might be surprised which apps are costing you the most power.

5. Buzz kill

If you're one of those who's phone is always on vibrate, you're loosing the battery battle. It takes more power to vibrate your phone instead of a chime or ring tone.

6. Sleepy time

You get done sending a text and you set your phone back down on your desk. How long does it take to sleep, or auto-lock?

Does the screen stay on for a long time wasting battery, if you forget to lock the screen? You can change that.

Under settings-display and brightness-auto lock, you can choose to have it turn off after 30 seconds, one, two, three, four or five minutes. The shorter the better for your battery.

7. Do you really need to be notified that it's cold out?

If your phone is going off every 15 seconds because someone replied to your Facebook post, you're wasting your battery. When you download new apps one of the first questions it will ask you is if it's OK to send you push notifications.

Unless it's really important it's more than likely not necessary. To see which apps are sending you notifications on your iPhone, go to settings-notifications and scroll through your apps.

Depending on the app you may have multiple choices.

Whether or not to allow them, to allow sounds, show on locked-screens or show as a banner.

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