Want to save money on your heating bill?

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Most of us have heard that changing out the filter in your furnace and performing regular maintenance on your unit will keep your furnace running efficiently.

Donnie Lowe of W.F. Hann and Sons in Warrensville Heights also weighed in on some other lesser-known ways to save on your heating bill.

First of all, open all of the vents.

"You have airflow coming through the house. Closing things off - the house can't heat correctly. It's not breathing correctly. It is not advised to do that," said Lowe.

This may strike you as odd, but try not to use the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms because they pull the warm air out of your home.

And, get a humidifier! You'll feel warmer.

"Humidity makes the home feel a whole lot more comfortable. If you have your house set at 72 degrees, having humidification will make it feel like it's 75," added Lowe.

Lowe says many people don't realize that they need to make sure their furnace exhaust and fresh air intake is free of snow and ice.

Lastly, let the sunshine in! Open your curtains during the day so the sun can naturally help heat your home.

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