5 bold solutions to get the Cleveland Browns a quarterback

5 bold solutions to get the Cleveland Browns a quarterback

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In his first year in the NFL, Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer led the league in interceptions.

The Browns have not found a "Franchise Quarterback" since they came back to the league in 1999.

Here are five bold solutions to finally get the Browns a quarterback:

Kirk Cousins

The lowest risk option with very high reward. It is also maybe the hardest to pull off.

Browns finally get a legitimate franchise quarterback throws for gobs of yards and touchdowns.

They somehow have to sell themselves to Cousins when other teams like Denver Broncos will be calling.

The Browns can offer him the moon financially. They will likely have to.

Get, Sit & Maybe Flip

Get a legit "Franchise Quarterback" like Alex Smith.

Draft a rookie and sit him. For more than a season.

Maybe flip. If they don't think Kizer is good enough to be second string, trade him. Get somebody who is.

Let the rookie sit for 2-3 years. If it requires a contract extension for the veteran starter, make it happen. This is not bold if the starter is a Brian Hoyer/Mike Glennon type that's only a place holder.

Take Two

Don't draft one quarterback early. Draft two. One in round one, and another between rounds two and four

Pit the two new guys against Kizer, Kessler and Hogan in camp.

Between two new draft picks, a second round pick from '17 and the other two, they should be able to find a quarterback.

This is not wasting a pick. This is doubling your chances to find a guy.

Find the Mystery Man

Somewhere in the NFL there is a team with a starting quarterback, that the Browns would want, that would be willing to trade him for the right draft picks.

Aim high like Cam Newton or Jimmy Garappolo, lower the bar a little bit for Ryan Tannehill or Andy Dalton.

Getting a "sure thing" ends the problem of not having a QB and avoids the risk of picking another bust.

Trade for Andrew Luck

This is the highest risk and highest reward of any of these solutions.

The Indianapolis Colts might just be nervous enough about his injuries to trade him for the right draft picks. They could draft a new quarterback very high.

Browns could void any deal by failing Luck on the physical if the see something they don't like.

Even if he is healthy now, there is no guarantee he stays that way. This is a dice roll for either team.

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