Rittman boy scores big with Make-A-Wish initiative: Romona's Kids

RITTMAN, OH (WOIO) - A young football player is finding a way to help other kids during his off-season.

Ten-year-old Braxton Dente is always on the go.

He plays quarterback for the Rittman Indians in the Buckeye Youth League.

He's also raising money for The Make-A-Wish. Foundation.

"I'm helping kids who are usually my age and these kids are probably stuck in the hospital," said Dente. "They don't get to do what my friends and I can do, they can't play football due to illness."

Braxton is number 19, so he plans to raise $1,900 through pledges online.

"These kids deserve a lot of stuff, so in the future I might do more money, like $19,000," said Dente.

"I picked Make-A-Wish because these kids are battling every day and when I'm on the football field,  we sometimes take a play off but they can't because they're fighting for their lives."

Braxton is also encouraging other kids to help the community.

"A 5-year-old could even do this as long as they put their hearts to it," said Dente. "It feels awesome to help these kids."

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