Cleveland winter news coverage meant to prepare you, not scare you (Editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The snow is rolling, and maybe ice, and maybe a lot, and maybe a little.

The prospect of snow grabs all of our attention. Will schools close? Will work close? What's my drive going to be like? Do I need milk and eggs?

And as sure as that happens we get important questions.

Are we blowing the prospect of snow up just to get ratings?

I can understand why people ask us that, or make those comments on social media. We're posting updates constantly, which is us doing our job.

Who knows if it's going to be big. But it's what people want to know. So in a situation where the conditions are constantly changing, it's our job to provide you with the latest information and what it could all mean.

I don't know a single newsroom or a single Meteorologist who wants to pump up predicted snow totals. If anything, Jason, Jeff, Sam and the gang work hard to be as conservative as possible.

By the time this editorial airs, we could all be hip-deep in snow, or we could be just fine.

I don't know. But we'll continue to work hard to give you the latest information that we have and let you know what the possibilities are out there; along with how likely they are to happen in order to prepare you, not scare you.

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