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Cleveland APL urges owners to bring pets inside ahead of winter weather

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Even though pets may have spent more time outdoor with the recent warmer temperatures, the Cleveland Animal Protective League has issued a winter weather warning for animals ahead of the triple threat storm.

The sudden weather changes pose a risk for dogs who do not have access to adequate shelter outdoors.

Leaving a dog outdoors in dangerous weather conditions is illegal and potentially life-threatening.

The unseasonably warm temperatures followed by a sudden drop to below freezing conditions do not allow animals to readapt to the cold, according to the Cleveland APL.

"We're striving for a day when every pet will live inside as a beloved member of the family," said Sharon Harvey, Cleveland APL's President and CEO.

Add freezing rain or snow to the already cold conditions, and it could lead to an animal's death.

Bring them inside, or at the very least, give them the adequate shelter that's required by the law," says Harvey.

If you notice any animals left out in inhumane conditions, contact the Cleveland APL and they will investigate.

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