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A special birthday surprise for a 101-year-old social media grandma

ISSAQUAH, WA (RNN/KCPQ/CNN) – When you get to be 101 years old, there’s not much you need.

But what Eileen Wilkinson did want for her birthday was lots and lots of letters and cards. And that’s exactly what she got – hundreds and hundreds of them.

A simple trip to pick up her mail, quickly turned into a very special delivery for the grandma from Issaquah, Washington.

Her friends and family waited patiently for her arrival inside a local UPS store. They broke into a chorus of “Happy Birthday.”

She gently shook her finger at the gathering. Her smile gave away her excitement.

Inside her mailbox were hundreds of birthday cards. It was stuffed to overflowing.

The big surprise was organized by her grandson Mike Matthews, who lives in New York.

He said his grandma became famous on his social media pages by connecting with his followers through live videos, offering perfect strangers from all around the world an ear and some grandmotherly wisdom.

“Grandma Eileen” has an impressive online following.

In addition to her grandson's social media pages, she has an Instagram account and hosts Facebook live chats.

Just two years ago, on her 99th birthday, her grandson arranged for her to be a digital ambassador for her favorite fast food company, Wendy's,

She doled out life advice and answered questions submitted by users on Twitter.

Who knows what the future holds for this social media savvy granny?

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