Off-duty Cleveland cop involved in deadly University Circle shooting identified

Off-duty Cleveland officer shoots, kills man at Corner Alley
The suspect attacked the officer outside of the Corner Alley in University Circle. (Source: WOIO)
The suspect attacked the officer outside of the Corner Alley in University Circle. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland police officer who shot and killed a man at the Corner Alley in University Circle has been identified.

Sources confirm to Cleveland 19 News that Sgt. Dean Graziolli, a Cleveland police officer who was off-duty at the time, fatally shot a suspect on Saturday.

Police say the suspect was allegedly attacking Graziolli while he was working his second job at the east side bowling alley.

Off-duty Cleveland police officer shoots, kills suspect outside Corner Alley Saturday

According to a Cleveland Police Department press release, there was a fight between several males Saturday night around 11 p.m.

Sgt. Graziolli escorted the individuals off the property, but one of the men returned and fought with the off-duty officer, according to Cleveland police.

Police say Sgt. Graziolli then fired his weapon at the suspect.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, was rushed to University Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Sgt. Graziolli was injured during the altercation and was treated, according to police.

Sgt. Graziolli was the focus of a previous Carl Monday investigation. He was nicknamed "Sgt. Stay at Home" after Carl Monday caught the veteran police officer at his west side home on 14 different occasions, when he was supposed to be at work.

Sgt. Graziolli was suspended for approximately four months and demoted from his position for a year, but was eventually promoted back to sergeant at the 4th District.

The Cleveland Police Use of Deadly Force Investigation team is still investigating the officer's actions on Saturday.

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