Schwab's quarter-by-quarter analysis: Cavs collapse against Warriors, 118-108

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 1st quarter

  • The Cavaliers defense continues to look like a suggestion instead of a reality. Multiple times there were Warriors going to the basket with nobody around to really defend it.
  • I liked seeing Isaiah Thomas come out shooting. His jumper isn’t where he wants it, but he buried the first shot of the game. Was also driving to the lane and set up Kevin Love for a three on a kick out.
  • Both teams shooting nearly 60%. That obviously can’t keep up.

2nd quarter

  • Dwyane Wade! 8 points in the quarter on 4 of 7 shooting. He looks younger tonight! A little more spry! Think they want to win this one against these guys?
  • Thomas has been interesting. He’s missed some short shots, real short ones, but he’s still doing some things. He has three assists, he’s working the ally-oop game with LeBron. Really can’t wait to see how they look when he’s got it all together.
  • The LeBron swat of Kevin Durant was the most beautiful basketball thing I’ve seen in a while. Can’t tell me Cleveland didn’t holler “TAKE THAT!” when the King did his thing.

3rd quarter

  • There's one thing we always talk about when the Cavs play these guys in the Finals--survive the runs. You know they’re coming. The Warriors won the third quarter, but the Cavs didn’t let it get out of hand. That 6-2 mini-run to close the quarter was big.
  • LeBron is awesome so far, but he also has seven turnovers. Yuck.
  • The Cavs had been in charge all night until the third, they’re only down two at this point, and they’re doing it on a night they’re shooting 26% from downtown. Not bad.

4th quarter

  • If this were Twitter I’d just use a snarky emoji or hashtag to sum up that fourth quarter. Yuck! A 17-point fourth quarter is not going to get it done against Golden State. The Cavs were outscored 61-44 in the second half, so the third quarter didn’t go much better.
  • They just did not shoot well after a hot start. Seemingly nothing went down in the final quarter, and they spent all night missing three-pointers. 7-28 on the night from downtown. Kyle Korver played 21 minutes, only shot three of them and only made one. I barely noticed him.
  • One positive was Isaiah Thomas playing 32 minutes. Easily his most as a Cavalier. Thomas missed shots too, finishing 8-21 from the floor. He is still searching for his jump shot. Anytime the Cavs lose to these guys it stinks, but losing to them in January really doesn’t mean all that much. Time to explore trades, get healthy, find their chemistry and work toward not losing to them in June.

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