EMS being investigated for refusing calls for service

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you need urgent medical help, should it matter if you are close, or over a city border?  It seems to be a recurring problem in the city of Cleveland as EMS crews refuse to respond.

A man was shot multiple times on the 18800 block of Pawnee Avenue in Cleveland on Sunday.

"They have EMS coming, but they are coming from South Euclid.  an we see if one of our guys can come over here a little faster?  I'm on the phone with them now," officers told dispatchers.

The man drove himself a few blocks into the city of Euclid.

"For EMS they will not respond because he is across the line in Euclid," the dispatcher responded.

Euclid police say they put the victim in a squad car, and drove him to the hospital with one officer applying pressure, the other driving.

In November, several cars were mangled on the border of the Cleveland's East Side, and east Cleveland and EMS again, refused to respond.

"EMS reports they are not responding because it's not in the city of Cleveland, be advised. Coded, EMS refuses, got it," dispatches said.

We went to EMS headquarters, and spoke with deputy commissioner Dave Miller.  We asked if lines should matter?

"No, it shouldn't and the matter is under investigation. That's all I can say right now," Miller said.

He would not answer why EMS crews continue to refuse to respond to emergencies.

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