Eastlake Police warn of job scam that could send people to jail

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - The Eastlake Police Department issued a warning about a scam that's targeting people looking for work.

It's called a reshipping scam.

Scammers get their hands on people's contact information, potentially from resumes posted on job board sites.

The scammers offer a work-from-home job that only requires the employee reship packages.

"They'll get an email from a company claiming that they're based overseas and they need somebody in the United States to do something, either reship packages or deposit checks and forward the money to a third party," said Better Business Bureau President Sue McConnell.

The job sounds simple and the pay seems fair, but McConnell said people should be suspicious.

"Stop and ask yourself this question, why do they need you to ship packages for them? If they can ship the package to you, they can ship it to anywhere in the world," McConnell said.

McConnell said the reshipping scam has been going on in Northeast Ohio for years. Since scammers often live overseas, it's almost impossible for officials to track them down.

Police warn people who fall for the scam could be reshipping items that were stolen or bought with a stolen credit card. If people get caught sending the packages, they can get in trouble with the law.

"Even if you don't have a clue you're helping a criminal reship stolen merchandise," McConnell said. "You could potentially be at risk for going to jail for something like that."

Other red flags include potential employers who ask people to:

  • reship packages
  • deposit checks
  • buy software
  • send money
  • forward funds Chances are, they're trying to use you to commit a crime.

Chances are, scammers are contacting people to try to commit a crime.

McConnell said scammers are clever, they'll often use a real foreign business name to fool people. Anyone debating taking a job should do research first. Check online to see if the email or phone number you're communicating with is connected with the company.

Anyone with concerns about the scam should contact their local police department.