Former sports doctor Larry Nassar sentenced to 175 years in prison

Former sports doctor Larry Nassar sentenced to 175 years in prison
Former doctor Larry Nassar (Source: AP Images)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Former sports doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced Wednesday following the final victim statements.

The 54-year-old was sentenced to 175 years in prison.

More than 150 gymnasts and other young victims directly addressed Nassar during his seven-day sentencing hearing.

'Enjoy hell:' Doctor's sentence next for assaulting gymnasts

Victims started to read their impact statements directly to Nassar, 54, in court on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

"I testified to let the world know that you are a repulsive liar and those 'treatments' were pathetically veiled sexual abuse," victim Kyle Stephens said to Nassar.

Nassar pleaded guilty to molesting females while at his Michigan State University office, at his home, and at a Lansing-area gymnastics club.

"Perhaps you have figured it out by now, but little girls don't stay little forever," Stephens added.

Nassar is not the only prominent U.S. Gymnastics figure mentioned during the statements who has mistreated former students. Several gymnasts accused former U.S. women's national team coach John Geddert of assault and verbal abuse.

The minimum Nassar could get was 40 years in prison.

Wednesday's sentence will go along with the 60 years that he has already been sentenced for in connection to child pornography charges.

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