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Can you pass the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test just given to President Donald Trump?

(Source: AP Images) (Source: AP Images)

Some of President Donald Trump's biggest critics question his mental stability to be president. 

As a part of the president's annual physical he voluntarily took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test and made the results public, scoring a perfect score of 30. 

Designed in 1996, Trump is the first president to take it. 

The test is designed to pick up on cognitive impairment and can even shows signs of early Alzheimer's. 

What may seems simple to most the test is filled with questions to test your memory, recognition, attention, conceptual thinking, calculations, and orientation. 

The simplest questions are recognizing three animals with drawings of a lion, rhinoceros and a camel. 

Tougher questions test a persons memory and the ability to hear five words and repeat them back. 

One of the questions asks you to draw a picture of a clock including hands that show a specific time. Wikipedia shows this example of how a patient with Alzheimer's disease digresses over time. 

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