Women's March in Cleveland, power to the polls

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Thousands of people will march across the country on Saturday afternoon, in solidarity, against inequality, discrimination, poverty and bigotry.

Around 500,000 marched on Washington D.C. last year in the first Women's March, a bigger crowd is expected there this year, just as many more, are expected, than the 15,000 who marched in Cleveland last year.

"It was about standing up and saying we're here, we're important, we deserve to be heard," Dr. Kara Kvaran, one of the organizers said about last years' march in Cleveland.

"Hear our voice," was the message last year and this year they say it is time to act and that is how they came up with the message, "Power to the polls."

"What happens when we get the vote out is that we can effect real substantive change," Dr. Kvaran said.

Dr. Kvaran, who is a professor of Women's Studies at the University of Akron, told us that the march last year was a transformative event.

It was a way to express fear, anger and dissatisfaction, but now, organizers believe, it's time to do something and that means getting women to the polls, or even more importantly, Kvaran believes, getting women into office.

"One of the things we can do is get women elected to political office," Kvaran says, "We see what happens the more woman we have in congress, in our city governments and in our state governments."

The Women's March of Northeast Ohio is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. on Public Square on Saturday morning.

Cleveland 19 will be streaming the entire event.

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