Cleveland City Council questions EMS response to recent shootings

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - City council members are grilling Cleveland public safety leaders about why there were problems recently with paramedics not transporting victims of violent crimes in a reasonable time.

"We know there has been at least two incidences in the last two weeks in the city of Cleveland where EMS was needed. There was a squad needed and it wasn't able to show up," said Council Brian Kazy.

One of the incidents Kazy was referencing was a shooting on Pawnee Avenue. A man was shot more than a dozen times and eventually drove himself into Euclid because Cleveland paramedics did not immediately respond.

EMS being investigated for refusing calls for service

Police ended up driving the man in a squad car to the hospital.

Director of Public Safety Michael McGrath said the first incident happened on the west side and crews were tied up with a fire. He said the reason for the delay to the second incident on Pawnee Avenue is because the exact location for the call was unclear.

"It was not that there wasn't any ambulances available. There was an issue with the fact that, when they requested it, there was a misunderstanding requesting an ambulance from another city," said McGrath.

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