Five Below dog toys pulled after cigarettes, trash found inside them

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A viral video out of Texas has folks talking and tails wagging after a couple pulled trash out of the dog toys they had purchased from discount retailer Five Below.

Sunday Tarah West posted this video on her Facebook page detailing the discovery:

When their dogs ripped them open, they found a cigarette butt, trash, plastic and what she describes as "random needle packaging" inside.

She says in the video that after her dogs ripped open the toys, they got sick.

West said she emailed Five Below and they told her they were in the process of removing the toys.

In Northeast Ohio, Cleveland 19 visited three Five Below locations to find that exact toy but didn't see it at any of the stores. We purchased similar toys with the same kind of stuffing.

Two Cleveland 19 News managers who own dogs ripped the toys open to see what was inside.

"This looks like something I would find in my, yes, these are just pieces of the yellow material. But these look like pieces I would find in my dog's toys," said Executive Producer Mel Watson.

In an emailed statement, Five Below said they are investigating the facility where the toys were produced and that all remaining toys have been removed from stores and distribution centers.

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