Avon students learning how to soar through kindness, compassion: Romona's Kids

AVON, OH (WOIO) - Even though it's winter, you might notice it always seems sunny in one local suburb, thanks to a school program that teaches kids how to spread kindness.

Avon East Elementary School kicked off a mindfulness event after winter break, called "SOAR-STICE."

SOAR is based on the school's eagle mascot, and stands for Safe, On Target, Attentive and Respectful.

Students are taught to believe in themselves and show compassion.

"Be kind, help people, because then you'll be a good adult one day," said student Mason Kibort.

The kids also learn yoga, to help deal with stress and setbacks.

"These are skills that they're going to take with them their whole lives, and it's important to develop them now at this point and get them started," said school psychologist Erin Lynn.

"We were learning how others feel about each other and that you shouldn't care what others think about you, you should just be who you are," said student Ellie Husk. "People need to know that they shouldn't make fun of people because they're different, that's not being kind or caring."

The students write down what they like about themselves and then share it with a friend.

"We really believe that this is going to be a memory that lasts forever and when they think about what happened, that gift of kindness and compassion will continue to spread throughout the world," said Principal Krista Kotecki.

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