Cleveland mother speaks out after 9-year-old son spurs citywide alert with RTA joyride

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Dallas Washington couldn't believe it.

She had seen her little boy, Javon, get on the bus for school on Thursday morning, and now, here it was two hours later, and the principal was telling her Javon was not there.

"I was freaking out, any mother is going to freak out," Washington said of her initial reaction.

Javon was taking the bus to the Lakeshore Intergenerational School, which is only a half mile or so down the road. He's had no problem in the past. This time though, somehow, he missed the stop, and began a day long odyssey riding RTA buses.

Javon, for his part, did not have much to say. We asked if he was nervous or scared during the day. "No," he replied.

And when we asked him what he did all day, "Nothing," he said.

It was far from nothing. He'd get off one bus, and get on another.

At one point he was on the Healthline headed downtown.

Eventually he remembered the bus route that would take him near home, and he said he simply asked someone how to get on that bus.

He showed up at Dave's Supermarket, located at East 160th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard, where his mother works.

"That was scary," Washington said.

Javon said he was happy to see his mom again and seemed unfazed by the ordeal.

His only complaint, "I was by myself the whole day," he said.

RTA and Cleveland police spent the day studying cameras, furiously looking for Javon.

RTA also put out the word through a communication chain for drivers.

The timeline of which bus Javon was on and when is still not entirely clear.

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