LeBron James and Kyrie Irving: Together again?

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving: Together again?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For the fourth time in his career, LeBron James was the top vote-getter in the All-Star balloting. That means he's choosing first under the new playground-like rules.

My question is, will he take Kyrie Irving with that pick?

Yes, if he wants to start the All-Star buzz early and get people talking, and as we've seen over the years, uh, LeBron likes to get people talking.

It would be a humorous, if not somewhat sarcastic, gesture, but it would also make things so interesting right out of the gate in that game. LeBron setting up Kyrie again? Kyrie lobbing to LeBron? It'd be a great way to bury whatever bad feelings still exist.

Besides, none of LeBron's best friends (Wade, Carmelo, CP) are starters, so who's he gonna take? DeMar DeRozan? There's no juice in that choice. Anthony Davis? Sure, if he'd stick around for the playoffs. The Greek Freak? Actually, I'd love to see that.

If LeBron truly has a sense of humor, and bypasses Kyrie, he'll take Kevin Durant. I hear Durant loves to join winners.

But nothing would top the irony of Kyrie being put on LeBron's team one more time.

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