ECOT is closing down, charter school doesn't have funds to continue

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The "Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow" or ECOT is closing down.

The online charter school doesn't have the funds to continue.

The shutdown leaves parents wondering who is going to educate their kids.

It also leaves thousands of teachers and other staff without jobs.

"It seems awfully cruel to close a school mid year that affects 12,000 students," ECOT teacher Kristen Beck said.

It's something that the 7th Grade language arts teacher is still trying to process.

"Today is the last day of school for students," said Beck.

The Ohio Department of Education rejected an offer from the school that would keep it in operation.

"A lot of our students came to us because of academic, emotional and physical issues. So ECOT was a way for them to feel access a quality education that they weren't able to get in the public school district," said Beck.

12,000 students are now forced to find new schools in the middle of the academic school year.

"With already over populated classrooms and issues supporting special education students, I don't know how that's going to be possible," said Beck.

Now 800 Faculty and Staff members like Beck will be out of job.

Although Beck said she's worried about her own well being she says her main concern is the student body.

"They need access to education and for the ODE to close it, I just don't understand what their motivation is," said Beck.

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