Warning to patients after Medina pharmacy license suspension

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is warning patients who received medication from Clinical Apothecaries in Medina not to take it after the pharmacy had its license suspended.

Documents released by the board show Clinical Apothecaries relabeled expired products, didn't clean primary engineering control and investigators said the company's drugs present a danger to patients.

Now, patients have been transferred to Buderer Drug Company, a different compounding pharmacy in Northeast Ohio to have their medications mixed.

"You're really working with the doctor and the patient to come up with a therapy that's going to work best for them," said Buderer Drug Co. Chief Compounding Pharmacist and Owner Matt Buderer. "A physician may say, you know what, this medication isn't working for me, I need half the dose, I want it flavored, I want to put it in a capsule. They can reach out to a compounding pharmacist to have a medication customized to their unique or specific directions."

Buderer said pharmacists customize hormone doses, pain management medication and even veterinary medications. All the tailor-made medication is prescribed by a doctor and it's vital the drugs are made in a place that puts patient's health and safety first.

This week, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy suspended Clinical Apothecaries license after finding "clear and convincing evidence that the method used... for distributing dangerous drugs presents a danger of immediate and serious harm to others." At the Medina pharmacy, investigators found expired products had been relabeled and parts of the facility weren't clean.

With Clinical Apothecaries closed, patients are being sent to Burderer's compounding pharmacy in Avon. He has a message for the patients they're taking in.

"We're going to take care of Clinical Apothecary patients as best as we can," Buderer said.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is strongly recommending patients immediately stop using all of their medications from Clinical Apothecaries. The Board is reviewing records to contact potentially affected patients directly.

If a patient believes he or she may have experienced an adverse reaction from a medication dispensed by Clinical Apothecaries, contact the Board of Pharmacy at compliance@pharmacy.ohio.gov or call 614-466-4143. Patients emailing the Board should include their first name, telephone number, the name of the medication and a description of the adverse reaction.

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