How will the Government Shutdown affect you?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The average person won't notice much of a change just yet in their daily life as a result of the government shutdown - that's according to Dr. Justin Buchler who is an associate professor of Political Science at Case Western Reserve University.

"The first people who don't show up to work are generally people who don't have any direct responsibilities that directly interact with people who are likely to interact with the federal government so, people who have very important responsibilities as determined by the Federal Government - people like the military - they are not going to have any effect whatsoever," said Buchler.

Buchler says things like your Social Security and Medicare are not going to be affected.

Air Traffic Controllers will still be required to go to work.

Law enforcement organizations like the FBI will still operate.

Postal workers will still be delivering your mail but, like the other essential government workers, they won't likely be paid for their work until the shutdown is over.

"What will usually happen as part of a deal is that the employees that were told to show up will get back pay as part of a deal," added Buchler.

The last government shutdown happened in 2013 and lasted three weeks - the longer this one wears on, the more of a chance the average person will be affected.

"That's the point at which you start to get really bad headlines for one party or the other, and one side tends to cave. So, it's unlikely that it will last for longer than three weeks or so, but I really don't know, at this point, how it will go," said Buchler.

Non-essential government workers like Michele LaBar, who works for the Census Bureau, meanwhile, have been furloughed or laid off as of midnight Friday night.

"I kind of have to lay low. I have to be able to put gas in my vehicle, food on the table. I have to make whatever I have last like anyone else and see it through," said LaBar. "It's frightening. It's scary."

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