Community supports Youngstown businessman's hunger strike

Amer Othman (Source: WKBN)
Amer Othman (Source: WKBN)
Othman's convenience store and hookah bar in downtown Youngstown. (Source: WKBN)
Othman's convenience store and hookah bar in downtown Youngstown. (Source: WKBN)

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (WOIO) - A rally in support of Amer Adi, focusing on his hunger strike, is scheduled to take place Sunday at the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center.
Adi, 57, was taken into custody by immigration officials after appearing for routine check-in with Cleveland ICE last week.

When ICE apprehended Adi on January 16, he told his wife that he would not eat again until justice is done, he is released, and allowed to travel or appeal the charges against him.

The Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network is calling on ICE to release Adi.

"His hunger strike speaks loudly about this great injustice and frivolous action of our government,'' said, Linda Park, board member for the group, "and breaking up this family is against our nation's principled respect for family values."

Adi, who has called the U.S. home for 38 years, was scheduled to be deported to Jordan earlier this month.

He says his application for a second green card was denied in the 1990s when officials claimed his first marriage was fraudulent. Court documents show his first wife filed an affidavit in 2007 saying she signed the original statement claiming fraud under duress.

Congressman Tim Ryan, who has been fighting his deportation describes him as a well-respected community leader and businessman in Youngstown, OH.

If Adi is forced to leave, his wife and four adult daughters will remain in the U.S.

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