Wife of officer shot on the job starts letter-writing campaign to keep assailant behind bars

Officer Harbaugh (Source: WOIO)
Officer Harbaugh (Source: WOIO)

CANAL FULTON, OH (WOIO) - A man who shot a police officer four times may be walking out of jail soon.

Canal Fulton Police Officer Ed Harbaugh was shot back in 1995.

The shooter is now up for parole.

Officer Harbaugh's wife has started a letter writing campaign to make sure the shooter isn't released.

"I want Monihan to be the poster child of if you shoot a police officer, you should serve your time," said Jennifer Harbaugh.

Jennifer still gets emotional when thinking about the day Christopher Monihan shot her husband.

Monihan's car had been repossesed and Officer Harbaugh was sent out to arrest him.

When they ran into each other at Skipco Towing Company, Monihan wrestled Harbaugh to the ground, getting control of his gun.

"He was willing to take my dad away from me for a couple bad checks," said daughter Katie Harbaugh.

"If he's willing to shoot a police officer over that, I think he's a greater risk to society," said Officer Harbaugh.

Officer Harbaugh survived the shooting.

One of the shots blew out part of his left arm and another is still lodged in his lung, yet the officer returned to duty as quickly as he could.

Monihan was sentenced to up to 50 years in jail.

"He's only served 23 years, his max was 50. He's only served the robbery charge. He has not yet served felonious assault against a police officer," Jennifer explained.

Monihan is up for parole in early February and Jennifer is asking for support.

She wants people to write letters to the parole board asking for Monihan to serve his full sentence.

"I think it's important for us to send a message to these offenders who might want to harm a police officers that they will have to serve the max amount possible," added Officer Harbaugh.

If you would like to help by writing a letter CLICK HERE for more information.

You can also email your letter.

The deadline is January 31.

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