Euclid workers say their employer caused them financial hardship

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A group of employees in Euclid say they've been shorted hours, paid late and even had their paychecks bounce. Some of the drivers for Marlin Transport called Cleveland 19 for help.

"My mother had to give me money to get through. These people don't understand the reason we go to work is we got bills to pay," said David Hope of Lorain, a former Marlin Transport employee.

Hope breaks down when he talks about the financial crisis he faces, he says, as a result of working for Marlin Transport. He was a truck driver for the company based in Michigan, but only briefly because he said he wasn't being paid for the hours he was working, and his paycheck would often arrive several days late. He says some of his some of bills have gone unpaid.

"We are out there 13 hours a day in 7 below zero weather working, and then when payday comes around, we expect to be paid," said Hope.

Jerry Daniels is currently a driver for Marlin Transport. He showed us a pay stub where he says he was shorted 22 hours. He thinks he was eventually reimbursed. At the time we interviewed him, he was still waiting on his current pay check to arrive. It eventually showed up four days late.

Like most of the employees at Marlin Transport's facility in Euclid, Daniels says he answered an ad about a month ago, and was excited to start his new job, but then some strange things started to happen.

"The first week we were supposed to get paid, the checks came in late. They said 'Well, we are going to do direct deposit.' Direct deposit never materialized. So, on Fridays we didn't get paid. 'Oh you'll get paid on Monday.' Some Mondays we got paid and now it's Tuesday. I was like, something is not right here," said Daniels.

Close to a dozen employees told us by phone they too had been paid less than the hours they worked at times and that some of their paychecks had even bounced, causing them to be charged bank fees.

Franklin Ray is the owner of Marlin Transport. Ray told us that all of the allegations against his company are false, and that he can show documentation.

"Absolutely, 100 percent," said Ray when we asked him if the allegations were untrue.

We asked Ray if his employees were being paid on time for the correct number of hours that they worked.

He responded, "Absolutely, they actually get paid more than what they worked."

Ray sent us what he said was some of the documented proof that Hope and Daniels were being paid for the hours that they worked and said they had received bonuses. The pay stubs were for the most current pay period. At the time the stubs were e-mailed to us, Hope and Daniels said they had yet to see the money reflected in the pay stub.

There were also canceled checks. It's not clear if the canceled checks reflected accurate pay for the hours that were worked.

We did some checking and found that Franklin Ray has several judgments against him and his company in a few different states for not paying people.

Jerry Daniels was eventually paid, but then reported that the following week paychecks, once again, never arrived on payday, and as of Monday evening, he said, Marlin Transport employees were still waiting to be paid.

Dave Hope says he's still owed some money.He also says he's reported Marlin Transport to the Department of Labor.

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