East Cleveland Police officer plays basketball with a dozen kids

East Cleveland Police officer plays basketball with a dozen kids

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Video of an East Cleveland Police officer playing basketball with over a dozen children is making rounds on social media.

"I just started hooping with them. I dunked on one of them. I had fun with them and it was super cool," Officer David Duncan said.

But Lets rewind.

Officer Duncan was called to the Infant and Toddler Community Center for a totally different reason.

"We got a call that 10-15 Juveniles throwing Rocks had possibly broke into the Daycare," said Officer Duncan.

But the closer he got, he realized there was no damage whatsoever to the property and that the large group of kids were only making use of the daycare's playground.

"One thing they said to me was that they didn't mean any harm, we just don't have anywhere else to go," Officer Duncan said.

Those who work at the daycare agree.

"We don't have any basketball hoops around here. In East Cleveland, it's really no community for real," Infant and Toddler Community Center Employee David Duncan said.

Ultimately Duncan said he was understanding, not only because of the lack of parks in the area, but because he saw a little bit of himself in every one of the those kids as well.

"You're subjected to do certain things. It's just cause and affect it's nature. I was one of those kids so I get it," Duncan said.

Duncan said he's hopeful the city can one day implement more recreational activities for children in the area.

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