Update: Ohio man admits to police he threw his wife's body in Tennessee River

Update: Ohio man admits to police he threw his wife's body in Tennessee River

HARTVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Investigators in Tennessee are searching for a Stark County 70-year-old woman's body after her husband admitted to police to throwing her off a bridge after she died.

The woman who's missing is Roberta Snider.

Hartville Police said her husband Philip Snider, 72, admitted to throwing her body over a bridge in west Tennessee earlier this month.

Police say they thoroughly searched the couple's home on Thursday, but would not comment on what they found. Philip was admitted to a Canton-area hospital Thursday night with an undisclosed illness.

Tennesee officials have resumed the search for Roberta's body in the river. They hope cold and icy conditions in the river will help preserve her body...

Authorities first found out Roberta was missing on Jan. 9 when her brother called police regarding her death and disappearance.

Roberta's brother told police Philip had taken Roberta to Graceland "one last time before she died."

Philip originally said Roberta died in Memphis and he gave her body to EMS workers in a parking lot.

Investigators contacted all the Memphis-area public and private EMS companies, hospitals and medical examiners, and couldn't find reports on Roberta.

Police also checked area hotels and learned Philip checked into a Graceland-area Days Inn Jan. 5.

When police confronted Philip about the investigation, he changed his story.

Philip said Roberta died of natural causes sometime during the trip and he "put her with nature" by throwing her off Interstate 40 into the Tennessee River.

"According to what he's telling to authorities (in Ohio), is that she passed away somewhere in Kentucky on the way to Graceland and he continued on with their journey," said Benton County Sheriff Kenny Christopher. "He said to have wrapped her body in plastic and dispose of her body over this bridge here."

Christopher said investigators have flown up and down an 8-mile section of the Tennessee River but, so far, they haven't found anything.

Officials said they believe Philip's story. He'll likely be taken to Tennessee to search for Roberta's body.

Police have sought phone records, credit card records, GPS data and requested a polygraph.

They're still analyzing the results and working with Philip to learn more about the circumstances surrounding Roberta's condition and location.

Philip could face charges.

Anyone with information regarding Roberta should contact the Hartville Police Department at 330-877-2630.

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