Penton's Farm Market in Lorain County is closing, citing changing times

Penton's Farm Market in Lorain County is closing, citing changing times
The market will close on February 7. (Source: WOIO)
The market will close on February 7. (Source: WOIO)

Amherst Township, OH (WOIO) - A Lorain County staple will soon be a part of history.

The Penton's Farm Market in Amherst Township is closing its doors for good.

Its owner says times are changing and they can't keep up.

Andy Hill owns Penton's Farm Market on North Ridge Road.

He's been stocking their shelves for 24 years. The property is on a farm that has been in their family for more than 100 years.

Hill says they try to make life easier for customers by taking the prep work out of dinner time.

"Radishes are ready to eat, cauliflower is already prepared," he said, pointing at a cart full of fresh produce.

Customers like Mary Stevens love it.

"Oh the fresh produce, the personal attention. It's going to be missed," Stevens said.

But now Hill's shelves are almost empty.

He's shutting everything down in a few weeks.

Hill says people's eating habits have changed and that has made it hard for him to stay in business.

"People are kind of turned off by having to pay upfront for something that's so perishable," he said.

Hill says people are still spending the money, they're just eating out instead.

Or they're signing up for meal kit deliveries like Blue Apron. Some online companies even send produce right to your door step.

"It's a real challenge to do this in a brick and mortar store with fruit and vegetables. But to expect you're gonna get this kind of quality delivered to your home, it's a bit of a reach from my perspective," Hill said.

Mary Stevens used to send her kids care packages from Penton's.

She's sad to see them go.

"Oh it will be felt, even my children who have moved away sent me back messages saying how much they're going to miss it coming home," she said.

But it seems a familiar face behind the counter is not enough to keep the open sign lit at places like Penton's Farm Market anymore.

The market will close on Feb. 7th.

Hill and his wife are moving on to pursue second careers.

You'll find him at Beaver Park North Marina on Lake Erie when the weather warms up.

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